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Walgreen's - Main and Union
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Project Synopsis

Walgreen’s, a Fortune 500 company and the nation’s largest retail pharmacy chain, has brought their expansion into the Western New York region. In a collaborative effort with the pharmacy giant, Lauer-Manguso’s design team has completed 19 stores located across New York State, with an additional 5 stores currently in the design phase. Incorporating the high standards that Walgreen’s has made their standard these stores range in size from 13,500sf to 14,820sf and are adapted to site-specific locations blending into the surrounding neighborhoods.

This retail center at Main and Union is an upscale development, which compliments the urban fabric of Williamsville, while at the same time respecting pedestrian activity and the traditional storefronts of the Village of Williamsville. The center balances the convenience of the automobile with the needs of the pedestrian.

Walgreen Co.
Williamsville, New York

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