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Creekside Village
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Project Synopsis

The University's vision for its newest student housing project had two important design objectives: 1) the community must be environmentally sensitive, adhering to "green" or "sustainable” design concepts and 2) the buildings should reflect the arts and crafts style prevalent in Western New York's history.

Lauer-Manguso & Associates Architects answered Governor Pataki’s energy conservation mandates by incorporating numerous “green” building design concepts into the Creekside Village Commmunity Center making it the first Western New York LEED-certified structure. This green community center provides a beautful and peaceful environment for study, privacy and the stimulation of a community of shared interests.

The low profile two-story townhouse design of 13 buildings with 116 units, is nestled into a site with a significant number of trees and an existing creek dividing the complex. A new pedestrian bridge connects the site, and encourages walking to the main campus and adjacent housing complexes.

University at Buffalo
Amherst, New York

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